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Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to my virtual home . . .I promise it’s cleaner than my real one! No empty cans of Diet Mt. Dew or piles of books on the tables. Here you’ll meet the organized, spiffed-up me and learn all about the humorous love stories I write.

Hearing from readers makes my world go round, so please drop me a line via the Contact Form while you’re here and consider joining my monthly Newsletter, where I love sharing prizes, news, and excerpts you won’t find in the sample pages!

Want even more inside info? Come join me over on Facebook in the Flirt Squad where I post weekly exclusive teasers, random giveaways, wax poetic about the oddities of life, and dish book boyfriends (it’s a favorite topic). 

In the meantime, kick your feet up and hang out for awhile as you learn all about my book addiction, guilty pleasures, and things that make me swoon. 🙂

Happy Reading!

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