Why Rachel Shouldn’t Vlog

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Morning Everyone!

So, last night I decided to be wacky. Knowing how much the idea of Vlogs freak me out, I decided to attempt one.

By the time I gave up, I’d attempted several of them.

Why do I completely lose my mind when my webcam starts taping?? I’ve done on camera interviews in the past few months, and all throughout college, and have been totally fine. Yet, my silly webcam starts taping, and every single thing I want to say vanishes from my mind. I’m left rambling, lost, and introducing myself to….you know, the people who came to MY blog to see MY vlog, as if they wouldn’t know who I was before pressing play. See. I suck =D

But after sending my busted attempt to a few friends last night, I woke up and decided publicly embracing my suckiness could be a good thing. It’s healthy to laugh at yourself, right?

So here are the two attempts that I actually kept….

….Prepare yourselves for my awesomeness


Take One:

And Take Two:


What I Wanted To Say

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century has now been out “officially” for just over a week, and it still doesn’t seem real. Every day, I have someone, or many someones, contact me through my website, on Twitter, on Facebook, or on Goodreads, telling me how much they loved the book, how they can’t wait for book 2, A Tale of Two Centuries, and just overall making me do a gazillion giddy dances.

I love talking with readers about books. They get my passion/obsession for story worlds and book boyfriends and protagonists who make me laugh and think. And when those same readers say some of those same things about MY book….yeah, that’s just crazy town. But, it’s why I do this. 

Thank you to everyone who has bought and/or read My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, who recommended it to their friends, who left a review on their own blogs, Goodreads, or a retail site. And thank you for making this entire ride so amazing. 

Thank you to the fellow authors, writers, and industry peeps who have reached out with support, encouragement and kind words. It’s all meant more to me than you can ever know. 


And now, I shall go back into my writing cave and wait for the day when I feel strong enough to attempt another Vlog. Until then, I think I’ll stick with this writing thing.