Epic News for Fans of Accidentally Married on Purpose!!

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Hey everyone!

I know, I know, my blogging skills have sucked an egg lately. Between homeschooling my girls, buying and selling a house, holidays, and getting back in the flow with Justin’s spin-off story from The Fine Art of Pretending (which is turning out soooo good, y’all!), I have been running around like a crazy chicken. Of course, you can always find me on Twitter, Facebook, or on my street team’s Flirt Squad page, but with today’s news, I just knew I had to pop over here, too!

I’m THRILLED to announce a Love & Games series spin-off!!!

Country Blue PM
COUNTRY BLUE will be set in Magnolia Springs, so you’ll still get plenty of updates on all your favorite couples–Jason and Colby, Angelle and Cane, and of course, Tyler and Sherry. But now, instead of tempting you with delicious food constantly, this series is all about a certain sexy country band you met in Accidentally Married on Purpose!

Book one features a hero I’ve gotten so many questions about–Tyler Blue’s best friend and bassist, Charlie. He totally stole your heart in Sherry’s book, and I confess, he stole mine, too. I can’t wait to share his book and all the others with you!


Happy Reading!