You’re Still the One is HERE!!! *cue twirls*

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It’s HERE! Charlie and Arabella’s story is finally here after what feels like a year of teasing and waiting. For some readers, it’s been even longer, because we first met Charlie Tucker in ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED ON PURPOSE when he appeared on page as Tyler Blue’s wise-cracking, bassist best friend. Today, Charlie kicks off a brand new series, a spin-off following the members of Tyler’s country band as they prepare and then embark on a world tour!

This book has so much of my heart. Arabella has interesting quirks and unique traits, things that make her so relatable to me, and Charlie symbolizes every childhood celebrity crush I ever had. See, Arabella has been infatuated with Charlie since she was a preteen, she even wrote fan fiction about him, but despite having met her at numerous music label events (did I mention she’s the daughter of the label CEO?), he barely noticed her existence. Being six years older than her didn’t help. But now, Arabella has graduated college and is embarking on a stolen summer to prove herself, and at the top of her daring top-ten list is to flirt with the man she’s been sorta obsessed with.

What she didn’t count on was that he wouldn’t remember her.

Or that they would meet in the men’s bathroom. Long story.

Anyway, that hilarious meet-cute kicks their acquaintance-turned-fliration-turned-friendship-turned-more relationship off with a bang, and I sincerely hope you all enjoy the journey as much as I did.

Newsletter subscribers got a sneak peak at Chapter Two this morning, and everyone can read the entire Chapter One over at Entangled. But just for you visiting the blog today, I thought I’d share a deleted snippet.

The scene this excerpt was taken from is at a country club where Charlie is helping Arabella cross off yet another item from her to-do list, and while the majority of the scene stayed intact, we had to cut it a bit shorter due to my love of the written language (AKA my need to write more words than allowed for my imprint lol!). So, here it is, and I hope you enjoy this fun, short, yet exclusive deleted scene from YOU’RE STILL THE ONE.

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Arabella’s warm brown eyes locked on his. Charlie felt a mysterious tug in the center of his chest. Taking her right hand, he placed his hand on her left shoulder blade and nodded when she hesitantly set her arm alongside his. “Perfect.”

Standing still, Charlie let the music wash over them, bobbing his head subtly to the rhythm. “The two-step isn’t difficult. It’s about trusting your partner as he leads you across the dance floor and listening to the music. At the most basic, it’s four moves, two quick steps followed by two slower ones.”

He demonstrated with his own feet, showing how the quick steps took one beat each, and the slow steps took two. “One, two…three…four. Five, six….seven…eight.”

All those afternoons spent guiding his sisters across his parents living room were finally paying off, and Arabella scrunched her nose in concentration, but her feet moved in time with his own. “Good,” he told her. “Now the next step is simply moving with it. Same feet, same rhythm, but you walk backwards as I lead you forward. You ready to try?”

Trust and gratitude, mixed with the emotion he wasn’t ready to touch, bloomed in her eyes and she gazed at him as if he roped the moon. “Lead away,” she told him with an excited nod, and Charlie set out to do exactly that.


Get your copy of YOU’RE STILL THE ONE today, and then stop back by to let me know what you think!

Happy Reading, Friends!